Frequent need to urinate

D.D.J., 9 years old, for 3 months needed to urinate very often during the day.

He had already been to a doctor, who found nothing abnormal neither in his structural nor in his physiological functions.  His mother told us that the problem had started soon after his last trip to the United States.

The evaluation showed a relationship of fear that D.D.J. would have with airplanes.  We asked his mother how the trip to the U.S. had been, if they had any problems or if he was afraid of flying.

She told us that her son had suffered a lot from the accident that happened in July 2007 with the TAM plane, in São Paulo, when 199 people died.  That accident unconsciously triggered his fear of flying and, a few months after it, this trip was a great challenge for him, although he did not share it with anyone.

This fear was deposited in the bladder (which is the viscera that “stores” the fear, along with the kidneys), affecting his physiological function.

With the Soul-Soul dialogue, we were able to help D.D.J. to deprogram this fear and free the bladder from it.

The body asked for a cleansing and a general rebalancing in the energetic level, besides physical care.  Throughout the treatment, D.D.J. slept quite deeply and waking him up was difficult.

The fact of sleeping was, in fact, a great response from him. It showed that he put all his trust in the therapist and gave himself completely, in order to overcome the problem.

The next day the mother told us that D.D.J. no longer had this excessive need to urinate. He returned to our office after 3 months with a muscular problem, and told us that he never had that problem again.


P.O.M. (82 years old, retired) had been suffering from hoarseness for 8 months. His daughter, who accompanied him, explained that the problem had begun when his son became ill and passed away after two months. The doctors could not find a reason for the hoarseness, he was medicated, but without results.

It was very clear that the cause of the problem was linked to the loss of his son, but we needed to find out why the body had developed it.

The evaluation led us to the lungs, where we realized how much sadness he had gone through and, in particular, how little he expressed it!

His daughter confirmed that he did not share a word about his son’s death.

We showed him that not expressing his sadness caused the hoarseness. He explained to us that he never shared his own suffering because he loved the woman very much and never wanted to burden her with his pain! He always thought he could overcome it on his own, but now that we have shown him, he has become aware that he is “sinking”.

We helped him to alleviate the sadness by working on his lungs and also showed him that he could share his suffering with his family. Helping each other would benefit everyone.

P.O.M. returned after 15 days reporting that, with difficulty, he began to share his own emotions with his family and that the hoarseness had already improved by about 60%.

We had a second session to achieve general balance, both physically and energetically. We were in contact with the P.O.M. who told us that after a month, the hoarseness had completely disappeared, he thanked us, in particular, for having understood that sharing does not burden anyone, on the contrary, it is a great help for everyone.

Immune System Problems

S.S.O. (45 years old, businessperson) had suffered from low immunity issues for several years, being constantly with health problems such as flu, fever, throat infections, skin problems, sinusitis, etc.

This situation interfered a lot in his personal and professional life.  He first sought help in allopathic medicine and then moved on to phytotherapy, without success.

The evaluation indicated a lack of energy in the kidneys (also diagnosed by the phytotherapist).

During the treatment, we noticed how low his self-esteem was due to a rigidity in childhood education.  He confirmed that he grew up under a strict upbringing, which left him very frustrated.

This situation created a low self-esteem that manifested mainly in his affective life.

The trauma remained dormant for several years until, with the process of his separation from his wife a few years earlier, he developed low immunity and energy deficiency in his kidneys.

We desensitised, in agreement with his Soul, the traumatic scene and treated the kidneys to recover a normal level of energy, balancing and harmonising the bodies.

After the first session, S.S.O. reacted by vomiting intensely, which was not repeated in the following sessions.

S.S.O. was treated every 15 days months, but within a month, he found again the joy of living and no longer presented the symptoms of low immunity.

Dyslexia or ADD

M.P.  (8 years old, student) came with his mother due to difficulties in attention and reading at school.

These symptoms, as well as the difficulty in writing, calculating, listening, memorising, etc. are called dyslexia.  Today there are already several treatments available, but what TISE can provide is wonderful.

Our evaluation clearly showed a dyslexia in M.P., that is to say a lack of connections between the two hemispheres, a lack of integration between them.  The apparent complex problem can be solved with simple physical or energetic exercises, which may be even pleasant for the children. This helps integrate the two hemispheres.

We worked energetically to help the integration and tested which P.M. exercises were needed to reconnect all the connections.  With 3 weeks of exercises, 2 twice day, for 5 minutes, he acquired a good concentration and the reading started to flow more easily.

The mother was surprised at how quickly he improved.  We explained that once the hemispheres are integrated, the problem no longer exists.

We would like to make it clear that each child is unique, that is to say, we cannot have a perfect model of student and want our children to be like him.  Each one of us is unique, so it is important to respect the limits of each child, helping them to improve without forcing them to be who they are not.


L.N.C. (38 years old, merchant) had been suffering from deafness in his left ear for two months. She had been diagnosed by the doctor as having an infection and had been prescribed antibiotics, but the deafness did not improve.

The evaluation took us to the abdominal region. We sensed that she panicked for some reason in a discussion. We asked if something like this had happened two months before. She explained that two months before she was talking to her husband and, facing some uncertainties in the marriage, she asked him if he still wanted to stay married to her. The husband, who was sitting on her left side, answered NO, he did not want to stay married to her.

At this point, we came to the cause of L.N.C.’s deafness. The negative answer was unacceptable to her, that is, she did not want to hear it.

The body’s response was to cover her ear so as not to hear.

We helped her desensitise the scene and harmonise the various bodies. The immediate reaction of the body was incredible, in a few hours her listening went back to normal.

For L.N.C., one session was enough to find a cure for her problem.

Obesity – case 1

M.F. (17 years old, students) had gained 20 kg three years before, and at that age it became even more difficult to live together.

She had been to several doctors to try losing weight, but none of them proved effective other than losing 4-5 kg. However, as she stopped the diets, she resumed the lost kilos in a short time.

Her parents had separated 5 years before, and she came accompanied by her father.

The case asked us to make an exception and we let the father in with the daughter during the session, and it was the most important thing that could have happened.

During the evaluation, we realized that during the separation from the parents, her father had been quite absent in her life.  He explained that due to several personal and working factors, he could not be close to his daughter for a year.

We began the work that clearly showed the father representing the foundation, the supporting point and firmness in her life.  The separation caused her the fear of not being able to go forward alone, as she had lost her reference, her foundation in life.

Therefore, her body’s reaction was to get fat in order to protect itself from the events of life.

We were able to help her desensitize the trauma and rebalance both the physical and the energetic bodies.

M.F. left the session more relaxed, aware that the effects of therapy would take some time to show. Interestingly, her father reported, two days later, that during the trip back home, they had a great conversation, which helped him personally and also their relationship.  We had some feedback after three months, M.F. had lost 6 kilos and yet other 11 kilos over the following months.

Surely, it will take some time for M.F. to find the ideal weight. Now she is no more under the influence of a trauma.


P.J.L. (58 years old, salesperson) had suffered from gastritis and pain in his left shoulder for 20 years.  The shoulder pain was persistent and the gastritis recurrent.  To withstand the pain, he used to take medicines.  He met us in a lecture where he lay on a stretcher for a demonstration.

In the evaluation, we realised that he needed an open conversation about something private, so we preferred to leave it and to conduct it on the next day, in the office.

The next day, right after starting the treatment, we asked him what had happened 20 years before, concerning his feelings.  He told us that he had separated and was aware that he had deeply hurt his wife during that stage in his life.

He had tears in his eyes for what he had done and his repentance was endless.  The cause of the pain was very clear, he could not digest, after 20 years, what he had done to her.

With the soul-soul dialogue, we helped him to desensitise what had happened and supported him to strengthen himself in life, taking away feelings of guilt.  It was a delicate work, but quite successful.  We rebalanced the various bodies and the shoulder, without touching it, and settled it into its original position.

P.J.L. came back after 15 days, telling us that his shoulder pain and gastritis had completely gone by the following day, and that he finally managed to call his ex-wife to apologise, something he had been meaning to do for a long time.

Obesity – case 2

B.R.O.  (22 years old, student) was 20 kg overweight, a problem that did not seem to be genetically related.  In addition, she also told us that she was extremely attached to her parents. She had tried various diets, but without success.

Our evaluation showed an accumulation of energy in the kidneys and a connection with an abandonment problem.  The sensation was that it had to do with something she suffered in the early days of her life.  She reported that when she was born, she had pulmonary complications that forced her to be in isolation for 10 days.

During this time, we realised how scared she had been and how she had felt abandoned by her mother.

It unveiled the cause of the overweight and the excessive attachment to her parents. As we see it, fat is a form of protection.  The body puts on a cape to protect some internal situation.

With the Soul to soul dialogue, we desensitised the scene when she felt abandoned and we balanced her kidneys energetically.

We managed to restore the emotional and physical balance of the O.R.B.  in only one session.

We have monthly contacts with her who reports the gradual decrease in weight.


E.A.T.  (28 years old, teacher) had suffered from labyrinthitis for 2 years.  She was able to keep the problem under control by taking medication, but the situation continued to hinder her life.

The evaluation showed a connection to recent suffering with someone she loved.  She told us she had divorced her husband, about 2 years before, and how he had always spoken with her in a dominant way, saying that without him, she was nothing.  When they separated, she felt lost and aimless.

This sensation lasted until that day and was the cause of her labyrinthitis.

We guided her through the desensitisation of the scene and were able to help her, energetically, to become emotionally stronger.

We also helped her in the physical part, by releasing a blockage located in the head, in the right temporal bone, which was the physical cause of the labyrinthitis.

We treated E.A.T. again after 15 days, and the labyrinthitis had improved by 75%.  The work then was mainly directed to the strengthening of her self-esteem.

The treatment lasted 3 months, with sessions every 15 days. We focused on the main original cause of the lack of self-esteem, in her childhood.  It was a hard but satisfactory process. E.A.T. is today an independent and safe woman.  Labyrinthitis is just a memory.

Renal calculus and fluid retention

J.G., (33 years old, representative abroad), had suffered from renal pain for 6 years.  He had undergone several tests, which could not detect the cause of the pain.  The pain appeared especially when she needed to be seated for a long time and, as his job required him to travel constantly, the pain was also constant.

In the first evaluation, the body showed us the need for a deep cleaning, both physical and energetic.

She returned after 15 days, reported that she had had pain in the whole body for a week, but after that, it had improved.

In the second session, the work consisted of a deeper and more detailed cleaning, both in the physical and energetic plans.

She returned after 15 days, reporting that she had suffered from a headache for 3 days and also diarrhoea.

This time, his Soul showed us the root of the problem and during the treatment, a great fear of the opposite sex appeared.

We went deeper to know the reason for that. We discovered that when she was a baby, her parents were very young and did not have a good relationship with each other as well as with her.  This situation was repeated in J.G’s life during all those years, in her relationships.

We worked on the liver and heart, releasing the emotions trapped and re-establishing a harmonious energetic balance.  It was interesting that when we were releasing the heart, she noticed a pang in her left kidney, exactly the one that had been causing the most problems in the previous few years.

She returned after 30 days and reported that she had strong pain in the left kidney and in the knee for 5 days. However, she had learned to say “no” when necessary.

After that, she has never had the pain again, even when sitting for many hours when travelling by plane.

She continued to treat with us for several months, working on other aspects that were limiting her life.

PMS (Pre Menstrual Voltage)

R.F. (14 years old, student) came to us, with his mother, for strong pains of PMS.

Her mother explained to us that for the past 3 years, after she started menstruating, she had suffered a lot from PMS and even though she had been taking the contraceptive pill (hormones), advised by the gynaecologist, the pain of PMS did not diminish. The evaluation took us to the kidney region with a feeling of sexual abuse.  The Soul invited us to work first on the physical plane, where we began to perceive two emotions: anger and fear.

We asked if she could remember any events where she felt abused or invaded.

She said that at the age of eight a man had sexually abused her.

The important thing in these cases is not to judge and to be completely neutral in order to be able to help the patient in depth.

We told her to be reassured that everything could be solved, and that we would remove that anger and fear that anguished her and at the same time generated the pain of PMS.

With softness and a lot of love, we helped her to eliminate the anger and then we deprogrammed the scene and harmonised the various bodies.

It was incredible the sensation that her body radiated, the whole body relaxed and, at the same time, dissolved that fear trapped 6 years before.

At that moment, she opened her eyes smiling and exclaimed, “Thank you!”

It seemed that she knew that the problem had been solved.

We were in contact with her mother, who reported to us 3 months later, that the PMS problems never returned.


B.S. had been suffering from fibromyalgia for 10 years.  She took medication during this period to minimise her pain and to be able to live.

Fibromyalgia is a recent disease, still partly unknown and without a cure in the traditional medicine.

B.S’s evaluation was very interesting; it showed us a large energy blockage in the region of the head, with a repercussion in the spine.  The partial lack of energy in the spine resulted in a general deficiency in the body, resulting in muscle pain.  This was the cause of fibromyalgia.

We began to unblock the energy in the head, so that it can flow to the spine and energise the whole body.  In order for this process to end, we needed a verbal permission of B.S. This is not recurrent in the procedures, but in this very case the indication from the Soul was very clear.

With discretion, we asked if she was aware of her own mediumship, and the fact that it was blocked.  She explained that she had worked in a kardecist centre for several years as a medium, but for reasons of lack of sustenance, she decided to close this channel to avoid possible problems.

At that moment, we understood why she was allowed to do so.  We explained to B.S. that it was the cause for her fibromyalgia (having closed the medianimic channel) and asked if she was willing to support the reopening.

After discussing the matter for a while, she accepted with full conviction that it was best for her.

We began the process of opening, which demanded some time.  When she completed the opening, the energy returned to flow fully in the spine and the whole body.  Our work was limited to checking that all bodies received energy equally and fully.

B.S. returned after 15 days, reporting that the pain had improved by about 80%.  Then, with the body re-energised, we began to treat it to restore balance in the joints and muscles, which had suffered for so long.

We saw B.S. after 2 months and she told us she did not have any more pain and did not need any medication.  After 3 years of her treatment, B.S. remains free of both.

This case seems unreal: 10 years of pain healed in 2 sessions may sound like a lie.  All we can say is that when the root of the problem is discovered, the cure can be fast, especially when there is a collaboration of the patient.  However, we do not mean that all cases of fibromyalgia originate from closed channels of mediumship.

Infertility and Polycystic Ovaries

B.F.V. (26 years old, journalist) had been suffering for a year from infertility and found out 2 months before, that polycystic ovaries were the cause of infertility.

In addition, B.F.V. suffered from stomach pain and when we met her, she was taking a very strong painkiller.

The evaluation showed that the symptoms had a connection with the relationship with the father in her childhood.  We asked her if she remembered anything about her childhood and in particular about her father.  Her expression changed, and the words began to come out in a tone of anger.  B.F.V. began to tell us that at the age of two her father abandoned her.  We followed her during this narration and with our support, she was able to remember episodes when her father hurt her very much and disrespected her in several situations.

B.F.V. experienced at that moment how it had been for her, at 2 years of age, her perception of the family, which certainly was not good.

This mark of childhood appears in her relationship with her husband and, in particular, in the fact that she cannot become pregnant.  In her own interior, B.F.V. thought that to become pregnant and have a family would be to fall into the same situation that she had experienced. It meant to her, yet unconsciously, that she would be sabotaging herself.

The treatment was limited to a harmonisation and some help to face the issue with the father.  The session ended with her relieved, and with her father’s problem, more present.

After 15 days, in the second session, with the dialogue soul-soul, we managed to help her in the process of forgiveness and get rid of this heavy burden that had been hindering her life.

To forgive means to forgive with the heart and not only with the mind.  Forgiveness with the heart frees us from any burden we may be carrying.

The fact that TISE can speak to a person’s Soul can helps confirm whether forgiveness is from the heart or only from the mind.

The whole body reacted promptly, and on the energetic level, there was a renewal that B.F.V. perceived as immediate well-being.

We were in contact with her who, in addition to greatly improving the relationship with her husband, and the disappearance of many blockages on her part, became pregnant only two months later.

It is always very interesting to see how our body reacts to the events of life.


Hyperactivity has been more and more diagnosed among children, but we believe that there are actually several factors that should be considered before treating them with medicine.  An interesting case is N.V. (6 years old) who was diagnosed as overactive, suffering from lack of attention, headaches and a restless sleep full of nightmares.

One factor that must be considered is the possibility of a compression between the atlas (first cervical vertebra) and the occipital bone.  This compression, in our experience, causes these symptoms, greatly disturbing the life of the child.

The evaluation clearly showed a strong compression between the atlas and the occipital and a slight tension in the entire spine.  During the work, we rebalanced several physical and energetic structures.  In only two sessions, we were able to rebalance N.V.

It was interesting to see, during the treatment, the sensitivity of N.V., who at each subtle manipulation perceived everything that was happening inside the body.  This response is typical of children, whose sensitivity is higher.

After the first two sessions, the result was surprising.  N.V. was able to sleep quietly, the hyperactivity and the attention improved in 80% and the headaches disappeared.

Her mother told us how N.V. changed her affective side after the two sessions.  She is much more affectionate and expansive, sitting on her lap asking for affection, something she had never done before.

We have treated N.V. once a month for a few months, for some minor problems.  Hyperactivity and sleep problems are no longer required treatments.


F.D. (56 years old, businessman) had been feeling deeply discouraged for 6 months. He had always been very active, but for a few months then, his willingness and strength to work had visibly diminished.

He told us that in the previous 20 years he had never taken a vacation.  He loved his job so much that it was like going on vacation.

The evaluation showed several blockages, in the kidneys, a general lack of energy circulation in the body, in the chakras and a physical problem in the cervical part of the spine.

Our work started in the kidneys, where we removed the blockage and balanced his energy.

The Soul invited us, then, to treat the cervical part, where some vertebrae were repositioned and the energy channel was realigned.

This realignment opened the energy in the whole body, which helped us to re-establish its good circulation.  This took us about 40 minutes.  We finished the session balancing the chakras and showing him that replacing holidays with work is not the same thing.

The holidays, even if brief, are very important to re-energize the body and relax body and mind.

We met with F.D. after 2 months, who told us how his life had changed. He had managed to take a 5 day-vacation when he became rested and re-energised. He understood the importance of leisure time for the well-being and health of body, mind and soul.


F.G. was referred to a session of TISE Soul Therapy by the psychologist herself.  She had been in depression for 10 years and during this time she was taking antidepressants and tranquillisers.

Her ex-husband, after 25 years of marriage, had left with a woman 20 years younger and F.G. could never forgive him.

She was living with a lot of anger and sorrow and could not engage in any other relationships without thinking about his ex-husband.

The treatment led us directly to the liver.  The feeling was that the liver wanted to “come out” of the body, explode.  Describing a sensation is not easy, but imagine bubbles inside the liver that burst out and release energy.  All this lasted a few minutes and, at that time, our task was just to listen and follow what was happening.

Once the liver was released from all the anger that had been accumulated, we began a dialogue with the Soul to help her forgive.  During F.G.’s treatment she began to cry and her head began to search for a new balance, moving in various directions.  The moment we managed to facilitate the path of forgiveness, F.G. stopped crying and felt much lighter.

F.G. returned after a week, happier.  She reported that she threw up bile for three days, but was reassured that it was a purifying reaction.  We explained that in this case, the bile vomited was all the anger and resentment that came out of her body and that nothing better could have happened.

It was amazing to see how the energetic and physical structure of the liver and chest were different.  We applied a general treatment to harmonise and balance all the bodies.

She went back to therapy with the psychologist, but this time with a new vision of the problem.

We were in contact with the psychologist who told us, six months later, that F.G. finally found a new lover, was happy and in love.

Panic and Asthma Crisis

L.E.G. (20 years old, student) came to us with a panic crisis.

She was in therapy with a psychologist and taking medication to contain the seizures.

The medicine was working well, but she was aware that this was not the cure.  She told us that she did not have a good relationship with her mother and her father’s second wife.  In general, she did not have a good relationship with women.

Our evaluation showed us a deep and old trauma, more precisely in the third month of her pregnancy, when the mother refused her, not wanting to have her, unlike her father.

The interesting thing was that when we asked her, she said that her mother had always told her otherwise that, as she had been unexpected, her father did not want to have her.

The treatment was quick, we managed to deprogram this trauma and release the energy trapped, favouring a “new birth” and a profound change.  During the treatment, we also noticed the difficulty she had in giving herself up for fear of being betrayed.

This behaviour is a sequel to the trauma we treated.  The mother’s rejection while still pregnant marked L.E.G. in such a profound way that in life she could no longer trust anyone.

The trauma was not limited to these symptoms; we also found a blockage in sexuality and a tendency to fight easily.

Once the trauma was deprogrammed, we reopened the energy channels and harmonized the various bodies.  The rebalancing took about 15 minutes, but the result was wonderful.

L.E.G. was now filled with energy, only a week was needed for the body to adapt to the new balance.

She came back after 15 days reporting that she had not gotten much better.  The only difference was that she did not seek out her father as often as she was used to.

When we evaluated her, it was interesting to note how an energetic block in the middle of the trunk was preventing the rebalancing provided in the first session from being consolidated.  The origin of this blockade, which was of emotional background, is very interesting.

L.E.G. generated, unconsciously, a lot of fear for the great change that was happening internally.  This fear was installed in the kidneys.  Inside each one of us there is an unconscious side that does not want to change our current state, no matter how difficult life is, it is what we know and going to something unknown often frightens us.  Therefore, she chose safety over change, which for better or for worse, had worked for 20 years!

The work was quick, we helped release this energy of fear from the kidneys that automatically opened the blockage, talking to her inner self, helping her to surrender.  The treatment continued almost exclusively in an energetic way, balancing the various bodies making the necessary coalitions to generate general harmony.

L.E.G. told us after 30 days that her life had changed, insecurity and inner emptiness no longer took hold of her.  She began to realize that deep tranquillity reigned within her.  In agreement with the doctor L.E.G., she began to reduce the dose of medication until she stopped, and we can say that she began a new life.

Of course, in order to have a change of this kind, one must be willing to re-evaluate himself and, in particular, to have a change of attitude.  The mere fact of doing therapy is not enough to have such significant changes.


C.V. (16 years old) is an AMA student from a city in the interior of São Paulo.  He is autistic, does not speak, but understands almost everything, presents violent behaviour with himself, trying to hurt his head, back and arms and sleeps only 2 hours a night, leaving his mother desperate.

Our experience with autistic people like C.V. generally shows us a physical restriction in the cranial base, which can be the cause of this type of violent behaviours.  After a CV evaluation, we directed the work to the cranial base, where there was really a strong compression.

The restriction was multiple and it took us two sessions, with a 15- day interval, to be able to release it completely.  The treatment is smooth and at the same time deep, which made him very quiet during the treatment.

After his second session, he no longer presented violent behaviour, but still did not sleep all night.  His treatment continued for four months, going through general treatments.  He has never had violent or self-destructive behaviours again, and the coexistence at school improved, he has also been more focused.  Sleeping has improved, although he still sleeps very little.


We met B.R. (teacher, 40 years old) in the presentation of a lecture on TISE and Soul Therapy who had been invited to lay on the stretcher for a demonstration.

She had been complaining about a pain in her left leg for 5 years, after having hit a sink violently.

A week after the demonstration she returned for a full session.

In addition to her leg, she said she suffered from anxiety and insomnia.  The evaluation showed us that the physical pain was only the “tip of the iceberg”. We had a strong feeling that it was something deep, not yet accessible.

The work during the first session was rebalancing, creating a structure to access the deep root.

The second session was after two weeks. B.R. told us that she had been vomiting, feeling very anxious and nervous. She even asked for a leave at the school where she worked, because she could no longer relate to the students with tranquillity and was afraid of losing control.

In that session, we were able to access the deep root.

By accessing this restriction, B.R. began a “journey” inside herself, while we supported and accompanied her.  She saw several images and then felt she was in her mother’s womb.  Her mother was already 9 months pregnant and, with an expression of fear and anxiety in her face, she told us that she did not want to be born, because her parents did not want her!

With the work of desensitisation we helped her to be born, soon after, she told us that a week after her birth, her father wanted to throw her out of the window.  It took a long time to desensitise that trauma, but the result was wonderful.

B.R. became a new person, the anxiety disappeared and he was able to teach peacefully again.

She freed herself from traumas that she did not even know existed, as well as presented physical changes that improved her relationship with men, which had been very difficult to that time in her life.

Continuous crying in the new-born baby

M.C.  (10 months) to 3 months cries a lot at night and also during the day, apparently for no reason.  At two and a half months of age, a noise began in her lungs that remained.

During the evaluation, his Soul took us to the chest region and we had the feeling that his mother had abandoned him when he was 2 months old.

At first, the mother said no, but we insisted and helped her by asking for more details to try to find out what had happened.

She remembered that she had a very strong flu, and for fear of passing it on to her son, she went away for a few days.

Her absence generated in M.C. the feeling of abandonment, who is the only point of reference and protection that the babies have up to 2 years of age.

This feeling of abandonment manifested itself first with the noise in his lungs and, later, with a crying crisis each time his mother left him alone.

Treating babies is wonderful, because they have almost no barriers, so deprogramming and desensitizing the trauma is quick.

We talked to the mother after a month and she told us how M.C. had been sleeping peacefully and the crying crisis were taking place only for very obvious reasons.

After four months talked to the mother who confirmed the child’s well-being.

Colic and reflux in new-borns

L.M.R., 43 days, suffered from reflux, vomiting and colic from birth.

The parents were treating with medicine for vomiting and another for pain, but without result.

The first evaluation led us very clearly in the atlas-occipital joint, which, from experience, we know to be correlated with reflux and colic.

We treated it, released it quickly, also rebalancing the energy in the spine, which was not flowing freely.

During the energetic work of the spine, we noticed an imbalance in the pulmonary region and asked the parents if the baby had any respiratory symptoms.

The father commented that from the very first days she had a wheezing, until then unexplained by the doctors.

We asked the mother if, during pregnancy, she had had a fright or something like that.  She reported that at six months she had panic attacks!

We explained how these panic attacks affected the little one in the belly, affecting the lungs and kidneys at the energy level.

We treated both organs, cleaning them of the trauma experienced during pregnancy.

It is interesting to see how the body records in the cellular memory each trauma experienced in our life and how they affect our existence on a daily basis.

What is most wonderful is to have access to this information and be able to treat it, freeing the person from undesirable symptoms.

L.M.R. returned to our office after a month, saying that her daughter had stopped regurgitating for three weeks, but that in the previous week the vomit came back very strongly.

She reported that the colic stopped as well as the wheezing.

We evaluated L.M.R. and asked her mother if she had had a vaccine and her mother confirmed that she had, 10 days earlier.

We explained that this week’s vomiting was the body cleaning up the toxins from the vaccination, in the way it thought best.

When we started the session, the daughter started crying.  We were treating an energy block in the sacral region and, as a baby, she was more sensitive to treatment.

The blockage was at the place where the vaccine was given. As soon as we released this energy, the baby stopped crying.

We also helped the body cleanse the toxins from the vaccine.

We contacted L.M.R.’s parents a week later, and they said that the vomit stopped the following day to the session and that their daughter was very well.

Colic, reflux, sucking problems

P.S.’s mother (eight months) came to us referred from other mothers who received help for their babies.  P.S. suffered from intestinal cramps and reflux, in addition to having the right eye watering from birth.

For the problems of colic and reflux, he was already taking some medicines, which slightly diminished the symptoms and as for the eye, they said it would return to normal before he turned one.

Our experience with new-borns shows us that, concerning the symptoms of reflux or intestinal colic, the cause, which can be muscular or bone, is between the occipital and the atlas, which directly influences the stomach.

This restriction can be originated during delivery, either normal or caesarean section.

The evaluation took us to the atlas-occipital joint and, we let the blockage go.  During the treatment, we also released and balanced other structures of the skull, in particular the sphenoid bone, probably the cause of the tearing eye.  The treatment continued with a general evaluation of the baby, the rebalancing and harmonisation of the various bodies.  We also helped him in detoxification because of the medicine he had taken until that day.

We warned the mother he might have a little fever or diarrhoea at night, a typical body reaction to eliminate toxins.  She called us two days later, reporting that her digestive and eye problems had disappeared, and that P.S. had a fever during the first night after the treatment, but the next morning it was gone.  P.S. had no more colic or reflux.

Crack in the hard palate

F.R. (9 months) presented reflux (the reason for the demand for TISE) and a crack in the hard palate from birth that caused, according to the medical diagnosis, the impossibility of sucking and also a high probability of not being able to speak.  A first surgery had already been scheduled for after she was one year old.

The mother told us that she had never sucked.  Our experience with new-borns leads us to suppose that the sucking problem is due to a limitation of the vital movement in the vomiting bone.

The evaluation clearly showed that the vomiting bone was with a strong limitation of movement.  We began to treat the vomer bone that responded quickly to manipulation, loosening and moving freely with rhythm.  Then we treated the joint between the atlas and the occipital bone, which presented a marked restriction on the left side.  The manipulation was extremely smooth and the joint released quickly.  After releasing these two restrictions, we treated F.R. in general, to allow her to feel well and harmonious again.

When we finished the session, we asked F.R.’s mother, when she got home, to feed the baby with a bottle and see her behaviour.

F.R.’s mother called us at night saying that for the first time she had sucked an entire bottle and had no regurgitation.

Treating new-borns is always magnificent and instructive.  The restrictions that they present are generally of a physical nature and they have little resistance, when recent.

Sports trauma – case 2

J.P.C.  (34 years old, dentist) twisted his right knee during a soccer game 6 months before.  Soon after the trauma, he suffered from many pains, which improved with medicines and physiotherapy. However, he could not yet return to play football, because with the effort, the knee gave way and the pains returned.

In the evaluation, we detected that there were compensations in the pelvis and ankle.  We rebalanced the pelvis and the associated joints as well as the ankle joint.  It was interesting that during the rebalancing of the ankle we noticed a displacement of a few millimetres of the joint, which caused a lack of stability and which was responsible for the feeling of weakness of the knee.

In the knee, we re-established the muscular part and released the flow of energy.

In just one session, J.P.C. was completely rebalanced and could return to his football practise.

Dental and facial trauma

G.T.  (25 years old, secretary) had a car accident 2 months before, where he hit his face against the windshield.  He started to have local pain, headaches and lost the symmetry of the face.

The treatment concentrated on the head, removing the trauma caused by the impact.  The work was not limited only to the cranial rebalancing, but we needed to manipulate the entire oral system.  Always with a soft touch, we released the jaw and the palatal bone on the right, which were the cause of the strong pain, and we balanced the zygomatic bone, the main cause of facial asymmetry.

In addition to these bones, the mandible was also dislocated, worsening the asymmetry and causing malocclusion.

Probably the headache was caused by malocclusion.  We balanced the teeth, which also had a tremor that also influenced the occlusion.

The treatment took two sessions, but the result was incredible.

G.T. had no more headache and the symmetry of the face was restored.

This work, practiced right after a trauma, is very important to prevent the body from compensating the external energies that can cause problems away from the site of the trauma, hindering the association between one and another.

Fall or accident

L.B. (38 years old, driver) 9 months before had had an accident with his truck, broke his hip (precisely the acetabulum, the part of the hip where the head of the femur is inserted), an arm, hit his head, neck and had several bruises.

After the surgery to re-establish the basin, he started the rehabilitation, but the pains were many and always present, and he could not sleep after the accident.

The evaluation directed us mainly to the sacral region and to the spine, where we found several contractions and displacements.  What caught our attention was the work on the spine, which lasted almost 30 minutes.  They were repositioned, with soft touches, along the vertebrae.  During this phase, L.B. did not suffer from any pain and, consequently, all the muscular fascias of the back relaxed.

At the end of the session, we asked him how he was and if he had noticed anything.

L.B. had a stunned face, wondering how it was possible to have noticed the vertebrae returning to place, once we had our hands at the base of his skull!

When he got up, he was surprised to feel so well, without any pain!

Most of the pain in the spine and pelvis was gone.  The only pain that remained was on the hip joint and the leg.

L.B. returned after a week.  He was very happy because he managed to sleep for seven whole nights, without pain in the spine or in the basin, but the joint of the hip and the knee still hurt.

In that session, the work was directed to the leg, where the Soul showed us the need to deprogram the trauma of the accident in the leg.  At the end of the work on the leg, where the limb itself makes spontaneous movements to rebalance itself, L.B. told us that, during the procedure, he experienced the accident again, for the first time. That is what we call this cellular memory.

L.B. again found the pleasure of living and walking without a cane.  The only thing that still hurt was the hip joint.

L.B. told us, after 8 months, that he underwent hip prosthesis surgery.  In the first surgery, after the accident, the reconstruction of the acetabulum did not work and the only way to remove that constant pain in the hip was the prosthesis.

Orthopaedic Problem

R.C.  (76 years old, retired) suffered for 2 years from strong pains in her feet, and from tingling when standing or walking.  This situation left her discouraged and emotionally destabilised.

She sought help from several professionals, without getting a diagnosis or improvement of the clinical picture.

Our evaluation showed a restriction in the dural canal, in the region of the third, fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae.  We directly treated the dural canal, which proved to be very resistant, particularly at the height of the third vertebrae.  With patience and softness, the spine and the dural canal were rebalanced.  Besides the vertebrae, we worked on other physical structures and finished with a harmonisation of the energetic bodies.  The rebalancing in the region of the basin and the legs helped the energy to flow freely.

When R.C. got up we were all very surprised by the speed with which the problem was solved.

We reviewed R.C. after 1 month, who confirmed the absence of pain.

This case really shows us the importance of treating the cause of the problem and not the symptom, the improvement is instantaneous and persistent.

Back and neck pain

E.G. (physiotherapy student, 21 years old) came to us after having attended a lecture on TISE and Soul Therapy.  She told us that, in the previous 4 years, she had suffered a lot from neck and upper back pain.  The medical diagnosis was excessive tension and prescribed a myo-relaxant.

When the pain increased a lot, she received massages from her college classmates.

In the evaluation, the Soul took us to work on a distension in the column. Once this part was relaxed, we noticed that the root of the problem was more profound.  We started working on the thoracic region and E.G.’s head turned to the right and stopped at maximum rotation, thus staying for the entire session, and she began to cry.  This was a good sign, it meant that the “shell” of the restriction had broken and something was coming out.

She began to tell us that after she had entered college, she adopted a false posture to live with others.

We invited and supported her to discover her true nature.  She was able to see that the mask she wore in those years was some protection from situations she lived during adolescence.  At that time, every time she was herself, her friends did not understand her and she felt rejected.  We helped her to desensitise these events, and in the end, the head returned to the centre.

We found E.G. after 2 months, when she told us that her neck and back never hurt again, and that now she knows how to express herself truly, without fearing other people´s reaction.

Throat Pain

A.V. (30 years old, computer consultant) came to us after his wife had a good result with TISE Soul Therapy.

From the age of six, he had suffered from inflammation and sore throat, for two to three times a month.  He lived on antibiotics, but the cure was only partial.  In addition, to four years, he also suffered from kidney stones with seizures once a year.

It was interesting because the evaluation for the problem in the throat took us to the kidneys and then to the heart, all at the energetic level.

During the treatment, we realised that the trauma came from when A.V. was about 5 years old, and his parents separated and he went to live with his mother and brothers in another city.

During the dialogue with the Soul, we helped him free himself from the fear and sadness that he had experienced in this phase of separation.

The real cause of the throat problems was the fact that he never learned how to express sadness and pain for all these years.  He grew up with a lot of weight inside him, without ever exposing his feelings.

We managed to desensitise this part, but the work was not yet finished, because we only released the first energy restriction that was in the renal region.

The other restriction in the heart remained to be released.

This one took us to 25 years of age, exactly when he got married.  He told us about his desire to get married, but also about the great fear!  We helped him to go deeper and discover the origin of all fear.

We came to the conclusion that kidney problems were an answer to the fear of marriage.

This fear was born from the experience that A.V. had when he was still a child with the separation from his parents.

Since their marriage ended while they were still young, the fact that he married aroused the fear of childhood, which was deposited in the kidneys. (Our vision is very similar to that of Traditional Chinese Medicine regarding the organs and their relationship with their stored emotions). Once desensitised the trauma, the last restriction was released, and we ended the session by harmonising the bodies all.

We met A.V. after two months when he told us that the sore throat never returned. As for the renal pain, some more time is required to make sure we can help him.


B.N.T.  (43 years old, homemaker) had suffered from headache for 6 months.  She had already seen a neurologist who had not encountered any particular problem as the cause of the pain.

She was taking pain-relieving medication to maintain her routine.

It was very interesting because the evaluation showed that the cause of the problem was a hip hit, and we asked if she had fallen or suffered any hip trauma about 6 months before.

She replied that she had never had any traumas or falls.

We started the treatment by balancing the basin and re-establishing the freedom of each bone.  Therefore, we treated the entire spine and released the skull joint with the spine.  These releases were both physical and energetic, and aimed at harmonising the body.

During the treatment, B.N.T. remembered that 6 months before, she had slipped, fell and hit the right hip.

The cause of the headache was the tumble, as our body is all connected; hitting the hip triggered an imbalance in the head, generating the pain.  The headache disappeared. In addition, B.N.T. also noticed that when he walked he felt more lightness in the pelvis.

Joint pain

I.M. (46 years old, doctor) came to our office to treat pain and inflammation on his shoulder.  This pain had been there for about 25 years, and manifested itself after some physical effort.

Before becoming a doctor, he used to be a professional volleyball player, a sport that he still practices on weekends.

However, after the game, the price he paid for his shoulder pain was great and he began to seek help.  The doctors advised him to undertake a surgery. The diagnosis was that the acromion bone was too thick and during the movement of the arm rubbed against the tissues, igniting them.

When we evaluated I.M., we found a restriction in the right lung and the perception of a loss suffered.  We asked I.M. if he had suffered a loss in the family or a close friend.  He said that at the age of 24 he lost his brother in an accident.

We had the feeling that he had sustained a very heavy load at the time.  He told us that he was the one who supported the whole family, without showing his own pain.

We began a dialogue with the Soul to help deeply deprogramme all that suffering.  The energy in restriction changed rapidly and allowed us to harmonise the whole body.

During the work, we realised that I.M. had lung problems in life due to the density of tissues and that energy was typical of his pathology.

He confirmed that 26 years before he had tuberculosis in the upper third of his right lung, and that his breath was good, but he was aware that he was not enjoying the fullness of his lungs.

When we finished, we told him that it would be very good if he shared what had happened in those years with one or more family members, to talk about all that he carried alone.  This was the last link to total healing of the shoulder.

We spoke to I.M. after a month and he told us that he had a lot of difficulty sharing the events with his family, but he clearly noticed that when he shared them, he felt a relief and a significant improvement in his shoulder.

This example shows how the healing also depends on the patient and not only on the therapist.

We want to remember that everyone is responsible for their own health, which is often influenced by thoughts, behaviours or attitudes that are not very functional.

Tinnitus and skin problems

F.A.P.  (19 years old, student) had been suffering from skin problems for 10 years, with rashes starting in the middle finger and extending all over his hand, and for 5 years she had also been suffering from tinnitus.

The evaluation showed that the symptoms had a direct connection with the heart, the feeling of the cause was that of a loss and the heart was blocked.

She told us that her father had died 10 years before.  We helped her to go deeper, to see the marks that were left with her father’s death.  In a short time, she could see that soon after her father passed away, she closed her heart to him.

Her father’s death was a betrayal for her, and she experienced it by closing her heart, stopping loving him.  At that moment, we got to the cause of the skin problems.  It is interesting to know that, when you close the heart, at the energetic level, the pericardium (the external part of the heart) becomes hardened, and the energetic meridian ends in   the middle finger!

We desensitized it, helped it to release the blockage and re-opened the heart.  We finished the first session by leaving her more relaxed and explaining that she needed some time to have physical improvement in her skin.

After 15 days, F.A.P. returned and the evaluation showed much sadness in the region of the lungs.  It was clear that this sadness was related to her father. The problem was that, after about 5 years of suffering, she could not sustain so much sadness and decided not to suffer anymore, so she denied the sadness that was there.

The body, which is an intelligent machine, responded to this request with a bilateral hum, so that the noise would occupy her head and would no longer be available to listen to the sadness.

The work of desensitisation was laborious, but the result was worth it.

The restriction of energy located in the heart region loosened completely, we helped her cleanse her lungs of all that sadness, and we instructed her to sustain the opening of the heart to her father.

F.A.P. did a third session after 15 days, where she reported to us that the tinnitus had disappeared and the skin had improved by 50%.

Her life changed, she was able to share her own emotions with her family and she even got closer to them.

Childbirth Trauma

M.O.  (43 years old, businesswoman) is a student of TISE, and like other people, she attends our courses only for her own inner development.

During the work in a course, we were asked to evaluate the priority, that is, to ask the Soul what is the most important thing to be worked on. The evaluation showed a restriction in the region of the heart and we had a strong feeling of rejection.

We started the work by relieving the fear that was taking care of her.  When she calmed down, we could see that the rejection was still when she was in her mother’s belly.

M.O. is of Japanese origin and her father was and still is very traditionalist, so he wanted his first child to be a man.

It was interesting to see how M.O. did not want to be born; she knew he would find a world that did not want her.  This rejection marked her very much, she never thought she was good enough and unconsciously carried a lot of responsibility to show to her father that, even though she was a woman, she was good.

We managed to deprogram this record and helped M.O. to experience a peaceful birth, without fear of not being up to the expectations of others but simply being herself.

We rebalanced and harmonised the various bodies leaving her calm and serene.

Two weeks later she told us how her life changed, the anxiety and worry that accompanied her disappeared, she managed to improve the relationship with her husband and also with the whole family.  Even today, she thanks us for the opportunity she had and because now she knows what happiness of living is.

Treatment in Animals

TISE’s field of application is unlimited; it can be applied to any living being.

F. came to us with his daughter J.F., 11 years old, because the horse she was training with for competitions stumbled and fell during a race, hitting her head.

Since then he refused to train and, instead of jumping, he threw J.F. on the ground.

Until the accident took place, the two had achieved excellent results and this situation was hindering the possibility of competing worldwide.

The mother had two concerns, one with the horse and the other with the daughter, who was suffering many falls due to the horse’s reaction.

We soon evaluated the daughter, who had no problems, except the great desire to return to compete.

They brought a photo of the horse and, through it, we could connect energetically with him.

The evaluation showed us that the hit suffered caused a restriction, in a bone, in the left part above the eye.

We treated this restriction from the distance. When the energy was released, it led to a rebalancing of the tissues involved in this part of the skull.

Once the treatment was finished at the physical level, we also needed to rebalance the energetic body to leave it in perfect harmony.

The treatment lasted about 20 minutes.  V.F. told us, after a week, that the daughter and the horse went back to training and competing in full harmony.

Spinal anaesthesia

M.L. (46 years old, civil servant) had suffered from back pain and migraine for 20 years.  For the doctors, the origin of these problems was a consequence of the spinal anaesthesia she took at her last delivery.  M.L. already had been suffering from back pain in her spine but, after the birth, everything got worse. She also started to have episodes of terrible migraines (from the first day after the birth) that had accompanied her during all those years.  She was taking several medications.

Our evaluation showed that the headache and back pain had the exact origin where the spinal anaesthesia had been applied.

The treatment was general, concentrated especially in the dural canal where, during the relaxation of the same M.L. noticed a tremor, the same as when the spinal anaesthesia had been applied 20 years before.  We deprogrammed the part that was “contaminated” with the spine and favoured the free flow of energy.

M.L. returned after 15 days and said that at the night after the session, she felt pain around the navel and a slight feverish state. She also reported that, for about two days, she felt pain in her buttocks and bones.

On the third day she got up and to her surprise, she realised she did not have any pain and was feeling very joyful.

The second session was more focused on the physical adjustments and a work of deeper harmonisation at the energy level.


C.P.  (mechanic, 30 years old) came to us after having attended a lecture on TISE.  He explained to us that after his son was born, 8 years before, psoriasis began to appear on his body, and that it had expanded over time to cover his legs, arms, back, chest, abdomen and part of his head.  He had already been through several dermatologists and, when he took a medicine or applied cortisone cream, the psoriasis decreased in intensity, but the effect of the medicine lasted only a few weeks, returning to the previous state when he stopped the treatment.

The evaluation showed us a link between psoriasis and a fear of being a father.

We started the treatment and realised that this fear had a far more distant origin, during his childhood, when he had suffered a lot.  During his work, he mentioned that his upbringing was hard because of his father, who was able to earn money and lose it in a short time, thus generating a negative feeling of living without land and without financial security.

While C.P. remembered his own life, we helped him reinterpret those past events, which helped him to see and understand them in a different way.

C.P. returned for a second session after 15 days, and the work was directed towards a rebalancing and general harmonisation.  We explained to him that the cause of the psoriasis no longer existed in his body. However, for a definite improvement, he needed to be a little patient (at least 2 months), as the process of the physiological healing cannot be rushed.

We were in contact with C.P. who showed us, after 3 months, how the psoriasis over his body had practically disappeared.  There was still some on his back, but it was only a matter of time before it disappeared completely.  We met him after 5 months, and he confirmed that he was completely cured.

This case shows us, once again, the importance of looking for the cause of the problem, to know exactly where and how to work, so that not only the symptoms are removed, but also the cause.

Throat infection

J.L., 4 years old, had been suffering from reflux with vomiting since his birth.

One year before, pus had begun to form in his throat, which was treated with antibiotics.  The infection returned regularly every month and, as a consequence, he needed to take antibiotics regularly to minimise the problem.

When we evaluated him, we realised that his immune system was weakened, and the physical cause was situated at the height of the joint between the spine and the head.

In addition to treating this joint, the energetic bodies were harmonised and the emotional part of J.L. was worked on.

During the treatment, the immune system was stimulated and strengthened, and we advised the search for a homeopathic doctor to help treat and balance the body.

J.L. returned after 2 months.  His mother told us that the pus had definitely disappeared and he did not need to use antibiotics anymore. However, he had a different complaint: an allergy on the skin that was already present previously, and which had  worsened and brought some unexplained fever with it.

He had already passed with the homeopathic doctor who explained that these symptoms were due to the body’s reaction to the homeopathic treatment, which was cleaning the body.

We agreed with this diagnosis, and we realised how much the liver was trying to detoxify itself from the drugs he had taken before.  We helped him energetically in this process of detoxification, favouring a cleanliness of the blood.

J.L. needed time to rebuild his own immune structure, but in a few months, it was great.


R.P.G., 49 years old (homemaker) had suffered for 3 years of hypothyroidism.

At that time, she was undertaking an allopathic treatment, ingesting hormones to help the thyroid work.

She also told us that, 2 months before her thyroid problems began, her mother had died.

Because of the mother’s loss, R.P.G. was treated with a psychologist for 2 years, trying to get rid of the pain and distress caused by the loss.

Interestingly, the evaluation showed that the work done by the psychologist had been great.  Actually, she had removed the trauma of the loss at the psychic level, but it still remained present in the energy of the cellular memory.  We could soon realise how unexpected and unforeseen the loss of the mother was.

She confirmed that her mother had died during the night, sleeping, so it was unexpected.

This was the cause of her hypothyroidism.  The fact that the mother died at night caught R.P.G. off guard, creating a disproportionately large feeling of powerlessness towards death.

This feeling generated an inner frustration manifested as “living life slowly, without motivation,” and the thyroid fulfilled this role.

We desensitised what had happened with the soul-soul dialogue, and rebalanced the physical and energetic structures.

R.P.G. continued taking her medicine for a month until she went for a control test. It was found that the thyroid hormone had returned to its normal parameters.

She has stopped taking the medication and so far, four months later, the thyroid has been working regularly.

Herniated disc

R.M. (27 years old, merchant) travelled 700 km to be treated because of a herniated disc, between L4 and L5.  Two years before, the hernia had bothered her, but for the previous four months, the pain had become unbearable and, according to the doctor, a surgery had already been scheduled.

It was interesting to observe how the hernia appeared concomitantly with the birth of her 2-year-old little daughter.  The evaluation showed a lack of energy in the kidneys and our sensation was fear of not being a good mother.

During the treatment, we were able to notice how her mother used to reprimand her, in her childhood, for her vivacity and, in particular, not being able help her develop her self-confidence.  On the contrary, R.M. was a person with low self-esteem, and we were able to define that the cause of the hernia was the great fear she felt of not being a good mother, not being able to carry out the task and fail.

In the work of desensitisation it was wonderful to see how R.M. lifted her head, with each new perception she had of the problem.

We reviewed R.M. after 2 weeks.  The unbearable pain was gone, leaving only a slight muscular pain, which we treated with some gentle manipulations.  However, the most important thing was to see her changes with her daughter and, as a result, with her husband.  R.M. told me how her life had changed.  She felt as if she had opened a window and finally the light entered.

I treated R.M. every 2 months, working on various physical and emotional aspects, but the problem of hernia no longer arose.

Migraine headache – case 2

B.F. (34 years old, homemaker) had suffered from a migraine for six months.  With the allopathic medicines, she got a slight improvement, but the pain was always intense.

The evaluation showed a direct connection of the migraine with the liver, and in particular with the diet.  We tested the food intolerances and, to B.F.’s surprise, the cause of the migraine was white rice!  At first, she did not believe it, because it is a staple food in Brazil but we advised her to completely remove white rice from her diet for a week.  If after 4 days the pain was improved, she could continue the diet for 6 months.

She called us after a week saying that the pain had completely gone.  After 6 months, she will be able to reintegrate the rice into her diet, without negative consequences.

This case shows how our body communicates with us.  Although there are other foods considered much more allergenic, we cannot rule out the idea that any type of food can affect us for a period of time.

Migraine headache – case 1

K.K. (27 years old, computer consultant) had been suffering from migraine for 22 years.  During this time, she underwent several allopathic treatments, where she had little improvement.

The evaluation showed us the cause of the problem was in the first years of life.  When we started the treatment, the sensation was of suffering due to abandonment.  During the process, K.K. started crying and reporting that at 5 years of age, her mother had a seizure in the middle of the night and her father took her to the hospital where she stayed for one month.  She was crying because she was afraid that her mother had abandoned her and would never come back.

At that moment we were at the core of the problem, so with the dialogue with the Soul, we desensitised the trauma.

She exclaimed at the end of the session:

“It was incredible, it all seems unreal and crazy, but I am aware that something has changed in me”.

K.K. returned after a month reporting that living without a migraine was a dream that had never seemed to come true.