Continuous crying in the new-born baby

M.C.  (10 months) to 3 months cries a lot at night and also during the day, apparently for no reason.  At two and a half months of age, a noise began in her lungs that remained.

During the evaluation, his Soul took us to the chest region and we had the feeling that his mother had abandoned him when he was 2 months old.

At first, the mother said no, but we insisted and helped her by asking for more details to try to find out what had happened.

She remembered that she had a very strong flu, and for fear of passing it on to her son, she went away for a few days.

Her absence generated in M.C. the feeling of abandonment, who is the only point of reference and protection that the babies have up to 2 years of age.

This feeling of abandonment manifested itself first with the noise in his lungs and, later, with a crying crisis each time his mother left him alone.

Treating babies is wonderful, because they have almost no barriers, so deprogramming and desensitizing the trauma is quick.

We talked to the mother after a month and she told us how M.C. had been sleeping peacefully and the crying crisis were taking place only for very obvious reasons.

After four months talked to the mother who confirmed the child’s well-being.

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