Colic and reflux in new-borns

L.M.R., 43 days, suffered from reflux, vomiting and colic from birth.

The parents were treating with medicine for vomiting and another for pain, but without result.

The first evaluation led us very clearly in the atlas-occipital joint, which, from experience, we know to be correlated with reflux and colic.

We treated it, released it quickly, also rebalancing the energy in the spine, which was not flowing freely.

During the energetic work of the spine, we noticed an imbalance in the pulmonary region and asked the parents if the baby had any respiratory symptoms.

The father commented that from the very first days she had a wheezing, until then unexplained by the doctors.

We asked the mother if, during pregnancy, she had had a fright or something like that.  She reported that at six months she had panic attacks!

We explained how these panic attacks affected the little one in the belly, affecting the lungs and kidneys at the energy level.

We treated both organs, cleaning them of the trauma experienced during pregnancy.

It is interesting to see how the body records in the cellular memory each trauma experienced in our life and how they affect our existence on a daily basis.

What is most wonderful is to have access to this information and be able to treat it, freeing the person from undesirable symptoms.

L.M.R. returned to our office after a month, saying that her daughter had stopped regurgitating for three weeks, but that in the previous week the vomit came back very strongly.

She reported that the colic stopped as well as the wheezing.

We evaluated L.M.R. and asked her mother if she had had a vaccine and her mother confirmed that she had, 10 days earlier.

We explained that this week’s vomiting was the body cleaning up the toxins from the vaccination, in the way it thought best.

When we started the session, the daughter started crying.  We were treating an energy block in the sacral region and, as a baby, she was more sensitive to treatment.

The blockage was at the place where the vaccine was given. As soon as we released this energy, the baby stopped crying.

We also helped the body cleanse the toxins from the vaccine.

We contacted L.M.R.’s parents a week later, and they said that the vomit stopped the following day to the session and that their daughter was very well.

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