Colic, reflux, sucking problems

P.S.’s mother (eight months) came to us referred from other mothers who received help for their babies.  P.S. suffered from intestinal cramps and reflux, in addition to having the right eye watering from birth.

For the problems of colic and reflux, he was already taking some medicines, which slightly diminished the symptoms and as for the eye, they said it would return to normal before he turned one.

Our experience with new-borns shows us that, concerning the symptoms of reflux or intestinal colic, the cause, which can be muscular or bone, is between the occipital and the atlas, which directly influences the stomach.

This restriction can be originated during delivery, either normal or caesarean section.

The evaluation took us to the atlas-occipital joint and, we let the blockage go.  During the treatment, we also released and balanced other structures of the skull, in particular the sphenoid bone, probably the cause of the tearing eye.  The treatment continued with a general evaluation of the baby, the rebalancing and harmonisation of the various bodies.  We also helped him in detoxification because of the medicine he had taken until that day.

We warned the mother he might have a little fever or diarrhoea at night, a typical body reaction to eliminate toxins.  She called us two days later, reporting that her digestive and eye problems had disappeared, and that P.S. had a fever during the first night after the treatment, but the next morning it was gone.  P.S. had no more colic or reflux.

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