Courses, Workshops and Events

The Manipura Centre is the cradle of TISE, and is dedicated to spread the therapy to more and more people.

Therefore, it organises courses that favour the spiritual evolution which will work profoundly in the students’ old traumas, as well as become a vehicle to help others.

The courses are open to the general public, in addition to health professionals and therapists and provide a theoretical and practical knowledge of the techniques applied.  Thus, the participants acquire a greater perception of touch and develop the sensitivity that helps in the “openness” to intuition.

The practice leads to inner discovery, and through the treatments, the student can work on his limitations and starts to understand the “lines” of the body, unveiling a new world, sometimes unknown in itself.  From this discovery, he will be able to recognise the way to decode the symptoms and treat them.

Our courses are not limited to passing on rational knowledge, but they also integrate all the concepts approached, and through experience, the student can transform knowledge into wisdom. This is the reason why the courses consist of 75% of practice.

In addition to the courses, Manipura organizes meetings between the students where the participants have the possibility to share experiences, ask questions and exchange treatments under the supervision of the creator of TISE and work together during a session of intensive therapy for a group of patients. In these cases, each session lasts 90 minutes.

Upcoming events

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