P.O.M. (82 years old, retired) had been suffering from hoarseness for 8 months. His daughter, who accompanied him, explained that the problem had begun when his son became ill and passed away after two months. The doctors could not find a reason for the hoarseness, he was medicated, but without results.

It was very clear that the cause of the problem was linked to the loss of his son, but we needed to find out why the body had developed it.

The evaluation led us to the lungs, where we realized how much sadness he had gone through and, in particular, how little he expressed it!

His daughter confirmed that he did not share a word about his son’s death.

We showed him that not expressing his sadness caused the hoarseness. He explained to us that he never shared his own suffering because he loved the woman very much and never wanted to burden her with his pain! He always thought he could overcome it on his own, but now that we have shown him, he has become aware that he is “sinking”.

We helped him to alleviate the sadness by working on his lungs and also showed him that he could share his suffering with his family. Helping each other would benefit everyone.

P.O.M. returned after 15 days reporting that, with difficulty, he began to share his own emotions with his family and that the hoarseness had already improved by about 60%.

We had a second session to achieve general balance, both physically and energetically. We were in contact with the P.O.M. who told us that after a month, the hoarseness had completely disappeared, he thanked us, in particular, for having understood that sharing does not burden anyone, on the contrary, it is a great help for everyone.

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