L.N.C. (38 years old, merchant) had been suffering from deafness in his left ear for two months. She had been diagnosed by the doctor as having an infection and had been prescribed antibiotics, but the deafness did not improve.

The evaluation took us to the abdominal region. We sensed that she panicked for some reason in a discussion. We asked if something like this had happened two months before. She explained that two months before she was talking to her husband and, facing some uncertainties in the marriage, she asked him if he still wanted to stay married to her. The husband, who was sitting on her left side, answered NO, he did not want to stay married to her.

At this point, we came to the cause of L.N.C.’s deafness. The negative answer was unacceptable to her, that is, she did not want to hear it.

The body’s response was to cover her ear so as not to hear.

We helped her desensitise the scene and harmonise the various bodies. The immediate reaction of the body was incredible, in a few hours her listening went back to normal.

For L.N.C., one session was enough to find a cure for her problem.

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