PMS (Pre Menstrual Voltage)

R.F. (14 years old, student) came to us, with his mother, for strong pains of PMS.

Her mother explained to us that for the past 3 years, after she started menstruating, she had suffered a lot from PMS and even though she had been taking the contraceptive pill (hormones), advised by the gynaecologist, the pain of PMS did not diminish. The evaluation took us to the kidney region with a feeling of sexual abuse.  The Soul invited us to work first on the physical plane, where we began to perceive two emotions: anger and fear.

We asked if she could remember any events where she felt abused or invaded.

She said that at the age of eight a man had sexually abused her.

The important thing in these cases is not to judge and to be completely neutral in order to be able to help the patient in depth.

We told her to be reassured that everything could be solved, and that we would remove that anger and fear that anguished her and at the same time generated the pain of PMS.

With softness and a lot of love, we helped her to eliminate the anger and then we deprogrammed the scene and harmonised the various bodies.

It was incredible the sensation that her body radiated, the whole body relaxed and, at the same time, dissolved that fear trapped 6 years before.

At that moment, she opened her eyes smiling and exclaimed, “Thank you!”

It seemed that she knew that the problem had been solved.

We were in contact with her mother, who reported to us 3 months later, that the PMS problems never returned.

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