Treatment in Animals

TISE’s field of application is unlimited; it can be applied to any living being.

F. came to us with his daughter J.F., 11 years old, because the horse she was training with for competitions stumbled and fell during a race, hitting her head.

Since then he refused to train and, instead of jumping, he threw J.F. on the ground.

Until the accident took place, the two had achieved excellent results and this situation was hindering the possibility of competing worldwide.

The mother had two concerns, one with the horse and the other with the daughter, who was suffering many falls due to the horse’s reaction.

We soon evaluated the daughter, who had no problems, except the great desire to return to compete.

They brought a photo of the horse and, through it, we could connect energetically with him.

The evaluation showed us that the hit suffered caused a restriction, in a bone, in the left part above the eye.

We treated this restriction from the distance. When the energy was released, it led to a rebalancing of the tissues involved in this part of the skull.

Once the treatment was finished at the physical level, we also needed to rebalance the energetic body to leave it in perfect harmony.

The treatment lasted about 20 minutes.  V.F. told us, after a week, that the daughter and the horse went back to training and competing in full harmony.

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