Childbirth Trauma

M.O.  (43 years old, businesswoman) is a student of TISE, and like other people, she attends our courses only for her own inner development.

During the work in a course, we were asked to evaluate the priority, that is, to ask the Soul what is the most important thing to be worked on. The evaluation showed a restriction in the region of the heart and we had a strong feeling of rejection.

We started the work by relieving the fear that was taking care of her.  When she calmed down, we could see that the rejection was still when she was in her mother’s belly.

M.O. is of Japanese origin and her father was and still is very traditionalist, so he wanted his first child to be a man.

It was interesting to see how M.O. did not want to be born; she knew he would find a world that did not want her.  This rejection marked her very much, she never thought she was good enough and unconsciously carried a lot of responsibility to show to her father that, even though she was a woman, she was good.

We managed to deprogram this record and helped M.O. to experience a peaceful birth, without fear of not being up to the expectations of others but simply being herself.

We rebalanced and harmonised the various bodies leaving her calm and serene.

Two weeks later she told us how her life changed, the anxiety and worry that accompanied her disappeared, she managed to improve the relationship with her husband and also with the whole family.  Even today, she thanks us for the opportunity she had and because now she knows what happiness of living is.

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