Sports trauma – case 2

J.P.C.  (34 years old, dentist) twisted his right knee during a soccer game 6 months before.  Soon after the trauma, he suffered from many pains, which improved with medicines and physiotherapy. However, he could not yet return to play football, because with the effort, the knee gave way and the pains returned.

In the evaluation, we detected that there were compensations in the pelvis and ankle.  We rebalanced the pelvis and the associated joints as well as the ankle joint.  It was interesting that during the rebalancing of the ankle we noticed a displacement of a few millimetres of the joint, which caused a lack of stability and which was responsible for the feeling of weakness of the knee.

In the knee, we re-established the muscular part and released the flow of energy.

In just one session, J.P.C. was completely rebalanced and could return to his football practise.

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