Tinnitus and skin problems

F.A.P.  (19 years old, student) had been suffering from skin problems for 10 years, with rashes starting in the middle finger and extending all over his hand, and for 5 years she had also been suffering from tinnitus.

The evaluation showed that the symptoms had a direct connection with the heart, the feeling of the cause was that of a loss and the heart was blocked.

She told us that her father had died 10 years before.  We helped her to go deeper, to see the marks that were left with her father’s death.  In a short time, she could see that soon after her father passed away, she closed her heart to him.

Her father’s death was a betrayal for her, and she experienced it by closing her heart, stopping loving him.  At that moment, we got to the cause of the skin problems.  It is interesting to know that, when you close the heart, at the energetic level, the pericardium (the external part of the heart) becomes hardened, and the energetic meridian ends in   the middle finger!

We desensitized it, helped it to release the blockage and re-opened the heart.  We finished the first session by leaving her more relaxed and explaining that she needed some time to have physical improvement in her skin.

After 15 days, F.A.P. returned and the evaluation showed much sadness in the region of the lungs.  It was clear that this sadness was related to her father. The problem was that, after about 5 years of suffering, she could not sustain so much sadness and decided not to suffer anymore, so she denied the sadness that was there.

The body, which is an intelligent machine, responded to this request with a bilateral hum, so that the noise would occupy her head and would no longer be available to listen to the sadness.

The work of desensitisation was laborious, but the result was worth it.

The restriction of energy located in the heart region loosened completely, we helped her cleanse her lungs of all that sadness, and we instructed her to sustain the opening of the heart to her father.

F.A.P. did a third session after 15 days, where she reported to us that the tinnitus had disappeared and the skin had improved by 50%.

Her life changed, she was able to share her own emotions with her family and she even got closer to them.

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