L.N.C. (38 years old, merchant) had been suffering from deafness in his left ear for two months. She had been diagnosed by the doctor as having an infection and had been prescribed antibiotics, but the deafness did not improve.

The evaluation took us to the abdominal region. We sensed that she panicked for some reason in a discussion. We asked if something like this had happened two months before. She explained that two months before she was talking to her husband and, facing some uncertainties in the marriage, she asked him if he still wanted to stay married to her. The husband, who was sitting on her left side, answered NO, he did not want to stay married to her.

At this point, we came to the cause of L.N.C.’s deafness. The negative answer was unacceptable to her, that is, she did not want to hear it.

The body’s response was to cover her ear so as not to hear.

We helped her desensitise the scene and harmonise the various bodies. The immediate reaction of the body was incredible, in a few hours her listening went back to normal.

For L.N.C., one session was enough to find a cure for her problem.


P.O.M. (82 years old, retired) had been suffering from hoarseness for 8 months. His daughter, who accompanied him, explained that the problem had begun when his son became ill and passed away after two months. The doctors could not find a reason for the hoarseness, he was medicated, but without results.

It was very clear that the cause of the problem was linked to the loss of his son, but we needed to find out why the body had developed it.

The evaluation led us to the lungs, where we realized how much sadness he had gone through and, in particular, how little he expressed it!

His daughter confirmed that he did not share a word about his son’s death.

We showed him that not expressing his sadness caused the hoarseness. He explained to us that he never shared his own suffering because he loved the woman very much and never wanted to burden her with his pain! He always thought he could overcome it on his own, but now that we have shown him, he has become aware that he is “sinking”.

We helped him to alleviate the sadness by working on his lungs and also showed him that he could share his suffering with his family. Helping each other would benefit everyone.

P.O.M. returned after 15 days reporting that, with difficulty, he began to share his own emotions with his family and that the hoarseness had already improved by about 60%.

We had a second session to achieve general balance, both physically and energetically. We were in contact with the P.O.M. who told us that after a month, the hoarseness had completely disappeared, he thanked us, in particular, for having understood that sharing does not burden anyone, on the contrary, it is a great help for everyone.

PMS (Pre Menstrual Voltage)

R.F. (14 years old, student) came to us, with his mother, for strong pains of PMS.

Her mother explained to us that for the past 3 years, after she started menstruating, she had suffered a lot from PMS and even though she had been taking the contraceptive pill (hormones), advised by the gynaecologist, the pain of PMS did not diminish. The evaluation took us to the kidney region with a feeling of sexual abuse.  The Soul invited us to work first on the physical plane, where we began to perceive two emotions: anger and fear.

We asked if she could remember any events where she felt abused or invaded.

She said that at the age of eight a man had sexually abused her.

The important thing in these cases is not to judge and to be completely neutral in order to be able to help the patient in depth.

We told her to be reassured that everything could be solved, and that we would remove that anger and fear that anguished her and at the same time generated the pain of PMS.

With softness and a lot of love, we helped her to eliminate the anger and then we deprogrammed the scene and harmonised the various bodies.

It was incredible the sensation that her body radiated, the whole body relaxed and, at the same time, dissolved that fear trapped 6 years before.

At that moment, she opened her eyes smiling and exclaimed, “Thank you!”

It seemed that she knew that the problem had been solved.

We were in contact with her mother, who reported to us 3 months later, that the PMS problems never returned.

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Continuous crying in the new-born baby

M.C.  (10 months) to 3 months cries a lot at night and also during the day, apparently for no reason.  At two and a half months of age, a noise began in her lungs that remained.

During the evaluation, his Soul took us to the chest region and we had the feeling that his mother had abandoned him when he was 2 months old.

At first, the mother said no, but we insisted and helped her by asking for more details to try to find out what had happened.

She remembered that she had a very strong flu, and for fear of passing it on to her son, she went away for a few days.

Her absence generated in M.C. the feeling of abandonment, who is the only point of reference and protection that the babies have up to 2 years of age.

This feeling of abandonment manifested itself first with the noise in his lungs and, later, with a crying crisis each time his mother left him alone.

Treating babies is wonderful, because they have almost no barriers, so deprogramming and desensitizing the trauma is quick.

We talked to the mother after a month and she told us how M.C. had been sleeping peacefully and the crying crisis were taking place only for very obvious reasons.

After four months talked to the mother who confirmed the child’s well-being.

Colic and reflux in new-borns

L.M.R., 43 days, suffered from reflux, vomiting and colic from birth.

The parents were treating with medicine for vomiting and another for pain, but without result.

The first evaluation led us very clearly in the atlas-occipital joint, which, from experience, we know to be correlated with reflux and colic.

We treated it, released it quickly, also rebalancing the energy in the spine, which was not flowing freely.

During the energetic work of the spine, we noticed an imbalance in the pulmonary region and asked the parents if the baby had any respiratory symptoms.

The father commented that from the very first days she had a wheezing, until then unexplained by the doctors.

We asked the mother if, during pregnancy, she had had a fright or something like that.  She reported that at six months she had panic attacks!

We explained how these panic attacks affected the little one in the belly, affecting the lungs and kidneys at the energy level.

We treated both organs, cleaning them of the trauma experienced during pregnancy.

It is interesting to see how the body records in the cellular memory each trauma experienced in our life and how they affect our existence on a daily basis.

What is most wonderful is to have access to this information and be able to treat it, freeing the person from undesirable symptoms.

L.M.R. returned to our office after a month, saying that her daughter had stopped regurgitating for three weeks, but that in the previous week the vomit came back very strongly.

She reported that the colic stopped as well as the wheezing.

We evaluated L.M.R. and asked her mother if she had had a vaccine and her mother confirmed that she had, 10 days earlier.

We explained that this week’s vomiting was the body cleaning up the toxins from the vaccination, in the way it thought best.

When we started the session, the daughter started crying.  We were treating an energy block in the sacral region and, as a baby, she was more sensitive to treatment.

The blockage was at the place where the vaccine was given. As soon as we released this energy, the baby stopped crying.

We also helped the body cleanse the toxins from the vaccine.

We contacted L.M.R.’s parents a week later, and they said that the vomit stopped the following day to the session and that their daughter was very well.

Colic, reflux, sucking problems

P.S.’s mother (eight months) came to us referred from other mothers who received help for their babies.  P.S. suffered from intestinal cramps and reflux, in addition to having the right eye watering from birth.

For the problems of colic and reflux, he was already taking some medicines, which slightly diminished the symptoms and as for the eye, they said it would return to normal before he turned one.

Our experience with new-borns shows us that, concerning the symptoms of reflux or intestinal colic, the cause, which can be muscular or bone, is between the occipital and the atlas, which directly influences the stomach.

This restriction can be originated during delivery, either normal or caesarean section.

The evaluation took us to the atlas-occipital joint and, we let the blockage go.  During the treatment, we also released and balanced other structures of the skull, in particular the sphenoid bone, probably the cause of the tearing eye.  The treatment continued with a general evaluation of the baby, the rebalancing and harmonisation of the various bodies.  We also helped him in detoxification because of the medicine he had taken until that day.

We warned the mother he might have a little fever or diarrhoea at night, a typical body reaction to eliminate toxins.  She called us two days later, reporting that her digestive and eye problems had disappeared, and that P.S. had a fever during the first night after the treatment, but the next morning it was gone.  P.S. had no more colic or reflux.

Sports trauma – case 2

J.P.C.  (34 years old, dentist) twisted his right knee during a soccer game 6 months before.  Soon after the trauma, he suffered from many pains, which improved with medicines and physiotherapy. However, he could not yet return to play football, because with the effort, the knee gave way and the pains returned.

In the evaluation, we detected that there were compensations in the pelvis and ankle.  We rebalanced the pelvis and the associated joints as well as the ankle joint.  It was interesting that during the rebalancing of the ankle we noticed a displacement of a few millimetres of the joint, which caused a lack of stability and which was responsible for the feeling of weakness of the knee.

In the knee, we re-established the muscular part and released the flow of energy.

In just one session, J.P.C. was completely rebalanced and could return to his football practise.

Tinnitus and skin problems

F.A.P.  (19 years old, student) had been suffering from skin problems for 10 years, with rashes starting in the middle finger and extending all over his hand, and for 5 years she had also been suffering from tinnitus.

The evaluation showed that the symptoms had a direct connection with the heart, the feeling of the cause was that of a loss and the heart was blocked.

She told us that her father had died 10 years before.  We helped her to go deeper, to see the marks that were left with her father’s death.  In a short time, she could see that soon after her father passed away, she closed her heart to him.

Her father’s death was a betrayal for her, and she experienced it by closing her heart, stopping loving him.  At that moment, we got to the cause of the skin problems.  It is interesting to know that, when you close the heart, at the energetic level, the pericardium (the external part of the heart) becomes hardened, and the energetic meridian ends in   the middle finger!

We desensitized it, helped it to release the blockage and re-opened the heart.  We finished the first session by leaving her more relaxed and explaining that she needed some time to have physical improvement in her skin.

After 15 days, F.A.P. returned and the evaluation showed much sadness in the region of the lungs.  It was clear that this sadness was related to her father. The problem was that, after about 5 years of suffering, she could not sustain so much sadness and decided not to suffer anymore, so she denied the sadness that was there.

The body, which is an intelligent machine, responded to this request with a bilateral hum, so that the noise would occupy her head and would no longer be available to listen to the sadness.

The work of desensitisation was laborious, but the result was worth it.

The restriction of energy located in the heart region loosened completely, we helped her cleanse her lungs of all that sadness, and we instructed her to sustain the opening of the heart to her father.

F.A.P. did a third session after 15 days, where she reported to us that the tinnitus had disappeared and the skin had improved by 50%.

Her life changed, she was able to share her own emotions with her family and she even got closer to them.

Childbirth Trauma

M.O.  (43 years old, businesswoman) is a student of TISE, and like other people, she attends our courses only for her own inner development.

During the work in a course, we were asked to evaluate the priority, that is, to ask the Soul what is the most important thing to be worked on. The evaluation showed a restriction in the region of the heart and we had a strong feeling of rejection.

We started the work by relieving the fear that was taking care of her.  When she calmed down, we could see that the rejection was still when she was in her mother’s belly.

M.O. is of Japanese origin and her father was and still is very traditionalist, so he wanted his first child to be a man.

It was interesting to see how M.O. did not want to be born; she knew he would find a world that did not want her.  This rejection marked her very much, she never thought she was good enough and unconsciously carried a lot of responsibility to show to her father that, even though she was a woman, she was good.

We managed to deprogram this record and helped M.O. to experience a peaceful birth, without fear of not being up to the expectations of others but simply being herself.

We rebalanced and harmonised the various bodies leaving her calm and serene.

Two weeks later she told us how her life changed, the anxiety and worry that accompanied her disappeared, she managed to improve the relationship with her husband and also with the whole family.  Even today, she thanks us for the opportunity she had and because now she knows what happiness of living is.

Treatment in Animals

TISE’s field of application is unlimited; it can be applied to any living being.

F. came to us with his daughter J.F., 11 years old, because the horse she was training with for competitions stumbled and fell during a race, hitting her head.

Since then he refused to train and, instead of jumping, he threw J.F. on the ground.

Until the accident took place, the two had achieved excellent results and this situation was hindering the possibility of competing worldwide.

The mother had two concerns, one with the horse and the other with the daughter, who was suffering many falls due to the horse’s reaction.

We soon evaluated the daughter, who had no problems, except the great desire to return to compete.

They brought a photo of the horse and, through it, we could connect energetically with him.

The evaluation showed us that the hit suffered caused a restriction, in a bone, in the left part above the eye.

We treated this restriction from the distance. When the energy was released, it led to a rebalancing of the tissues involved in this part of the skull.

Once the treatment was finished at the physical level, we also needed to rebalance the energetic body to leave it in perfect harmony.

The treatment lasted about 20 minutes.  V.F. told us, after a week, that the daughter and the horse went back to training and competing in full harmony.