Tise has changed my life!

I have always been concerned about caring for others, and I have  worked in the health area as a Nursing Technician for many years. However, I do not agree with the view of the traditional medicine, which offers the treatment for the disease but fails to see the patient as a whole. Day after day, the consumption of medicines is increasing, leading to secondary pathologies.

For some instinct, I felt the need to seek to help people through alternative therapies.  I have been researching several complementary therapies until I was advised by a friend, already a therapist, to know TISE.

After the first module we can already realise how subtle and effective this treatment system is.  The first patient we treat is ourselves, by accessing and treating our qualities and traumas so that we can be in a position to help others.

The classes are dynamic and practical and carry important content.

One of the differences we can add is the support and welcome and the ease of contacting the creator of TISE, Roberto Delorenzi (a unique person), both during and after the courses.

I am fully satisfied with the modules Tise 1 and Tise 2, and I look forward to taking the other ones. I already consider myself a TISE


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